Automatic Entrances: Your Questions Answered

If you own or manage a commercial building, medical facility, retail space, or apartment building, you’re probably always on the lookout for ways to improve access to your building. Automatic entrances are a popular solution because they can offer a wide range of benefits beyond touchless convenience. For example, automatic entrances may make it easier for disabled individuals to enter your property. Alternatively, an automatic entrance may assist with metering building access to limit the number of current occupants.

Crandell Glass & Aluminum has installed and serviced many automatic commercial doors in Tucson. In fact, our technicians are AAADM-Certified. Additionally, they have worked on a huge variety of commercial structures, government buildings, and other publicly accessible spaces. Continue reading for some answers to your questions about designing and installing an automatic entrance in your building.

Are automatic entrances required by the ADA?

The ADA does have several criteria for entrance accessibility in public buildings. However, automatic entrances are not a requirement. Still, many businesses find that the ease and convenience of automatic doors are worth the investment. You may also choose to install a power-assist or low-energy automatic door, which will make building entrances more accessible without full automation.

Where are automatic door solutions most often used?

sliding automatic entrance doors in modern building

On a typical day working in the office or running errands, you likely encounter a wide range of automatic doors without giving them a second thought. Most large retail stores feature automatic sliding doors at the entrance. Assisted living homes and apartment facilities may have automatic doors featuring key card access for added security and convenience for residents. Alternatively, medical and healthcare facilities may utilize automatic doors for access control and guiding traffic.

Another distinctive perk of automatic entrances is greater climate and pest control. When doors can’t be accidentally left open, you won’t lose money with the AC running overtime or have unwanted pests gaining easy access to your facility.

What types of automatic entrances are available to choose from?

You might have a specific design in mind when you think about automatic doors. For example, many people envision sliding doors that open automatically as traffic approaches. However, this is just one example of automatic door solutions Tucson businesses may choose. There are many different designs to accommodate different needs for space, energy, and traffic control. Here’s a closer look at the types of entrances you might consider.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are a classic, iconic automatic entrance option. They provide the greatest ease of use for people entering your building, as they don’t require any push-button operation. However, sliding doors do have a potential drawback due to space. They’re most common in larger retail stores, hospitals, government buildings, and other spaces where lots of people might be arriving or leaving at once.

Swing Doors

Swing doors may be fully automated, power-assisted, or button operated. If you want to work with the existing structure of your space, automatic swing doors will likely be a suitable, budget-friendly option. Low-energy designs create a minimal impact on your utility costs while adding automated functionality. They’re also ideal for regulating traffic within a building. For example, many medical offices use automated swing doors to allow patients access to treatment areas from the waiting room. These often feature touchless lock systems to allow front office staff to provide access without leaving their post.

Revolving Doors

Revolving doors are an energy-efficient option for easy building access, but they also add a level of sophistication to the building’s design. For that reason, you’ll often see revolving doors in high-end hotels, modern government buildings, and office buildings. Most often, revolving doors also have standard doors positioned nearby to ensure accessibility and provide space for larger items through the front entrance, such as package deliveries.

Folding Doors

If you want to offer the convenience of sliding doors but don’t quite have the space, folding doors can be a great option. With two- and four-panel configurations, these doors maximize small openings with the same ease of access as a sliding door. You’ll often see folding doors in airports, hospitals, assisted living facilities, and educational facilities.

Why choose Crandell Glass & Aluminum for automatic commercial entrances in Tucson?

For any design need, Crandell Glass & Aluminum is here to help. Our AAADM-Certified technicians worth on all varieties of automatic door solutions, including revolving, sliding, and folding doors. We also provide repairs and maintenance for automatic doors that we didn’t install.

Crandell Glass & Aluminum has a great track record of serving Tucson businesses with ADA-compliant automatic entrances, commercial glass, and so much more. To learn how we can help you make the most of your commercial space, call (520) 512-5042 and schedule a consultation.