Window replacement cost

Like any home improvement project, the first thought that may come to mind when you think about replacing your windows is cost. If you find yourself wondering “How much does it cost to replace windows in my home?”, you’ll need to answer a few other questions first.

What is the scope of your project?

If you just need to replace one cracked or damaged window, then the total project cost will be modest—likely under $1,000. However, if you are ready to upgrade your whole home’s windows with new, energy-efficient options, then you will be looking at much more substantial project costs. Project scope is going to be the least flexible factor when it comes to window replacement cost. If your home’s windows are outdated, drafty, and otherwise damaged, then you will need to replace them.

One area where you should not attempt to cut costs is with installation. Some homeowners will attempt to buy windows and install them on their own to cut labor costs. Unfortunately, this can end up costing you even more in the long run, because proper installation is essential to optimal window function. If measurements are off or the window is not hung properly, it may not properly seal your home from the elements. Therefore, you might end up replacing the window twice rather than getting the job done right the first time.

Energy efficient window replacement in older home

What type of windows are you looking for?

The type of replacement window you need will be a big influencer of cost. Window type may refer to both window materials and the style of window. In terms of materials, vinyl and aluminum are the lowest cost options. They also provide the least flexibility in style choices, such as color. These windows range from about $100-$900 each for standard sizes. Wood windows are also in the more affordable range, going for about $150-$1,300 per window. Premium window materials are fiberglass and composite windows. These windows also provide numerous benefits, including higher durability, attractive aesthetics, and minimal maintenance. They range from about $300-$1,500 per window.

The style of window also affects pricing, but the range is closer. Single-hung windows are generally the most economical at $100-$400 per window. However, double-hung windows have only a modest price increase at about $150-$600 per window. Casement windows and picture windows have slightly higher costs, and bay windows and custom windows have the highest materials cost. These start at about $1,000 per window. For any window style, you can also account for a cost of about $200 per window for labor.

What level of quality are you shopping for?

Part of calculating your budget for new windows includes considering the return on investment for your project. For optimal returns, you should replace your windows with higher quality materials than your previous windows—or at least choose materials parallel in quality. For example, you should replace composite windows with composite or fiberglass windows, rather than downgrading to vinyl.

Which energy-efficient features do you need?

Another possible premium on your window costs will be energy-efficient features. However, these may offer better returns over time, since you will ultimately save on heating and cooling costs at home. Low-e coatings, which minimize the UV and infrared light that enters your home, will add about 10-15% to your window cost. But you should keep in mind that energy-efficiency may be less of a concern for windows that do not receive much direct sunlight throughout the day

How old is your home?

In Tucson, it is not common to see homes older than about 50 years. However, if you do have a home that is 70+ years old, window replacement can become a more complex (and costly) project. There are some common challenges in upgrading windows in older homes, such as custom window sizes and upgrading to current code standards. These challenges can double or triple the cost of the average window replacement project.

When it is time to replace your windows, Crandell Glass & Aluminum, LLC can walk you through every option for your home, so that you can find the best solutions within your budget. No project is too big or too small for our Tucson window replacement team, so give us a call at (520) 512-5042 to discuss your project.