When Should You Consider Replacing Your Sliding Glass Doors?

Many Tucson homes feature sliding glass doors that open up to outdoor patios and expansive desert backyards. While these doors have many perks—including exceptional views of the outdoors from inside your home—they can also become problematic when it’s time for them to be repaired or replaced. If you are struggling with your sliding glass doors, Crandell Glass & Aluminum can help. We will help you determine if repairs are enough to fix your doors, or if they should be replaced entirely. Below you’ll see a few of the top signs that sliding glass door replacement is your best option. sliding glass doors in dining room

You constantly struggle to open and close the door.

Does simply opening the patio door feel like a chore? Alternatively, is it difficult to get the door to fully close and lock? In these situations, misalignment of the door and tracks is often to blame. Repairs may help get your door back in the proper position. However, if the door is older or the tracks are extensively damaged, it is often better to install new sliding glass doors.

The doors are poorly insulated.

If you regularly feel a draft coming from your sliding glass doors, then you will be better off with more modern, insulated doors. Investing in energy-efficient doors that limit heat transfer in and out of your home will eventually pay for itself, as you will save dramatically on energy costs. This is a particularly common upgrade in older homes. Some older homes may even have gaps between the doors, causing a significant draft to come in the home—as well as an entry point for pests and debris.

You hear a lot of outdoor noise.

Just like with the windows in your home, sliding glass doors can serve as a sound barrier. However, if your doors are older and starting to show lots of signs of wear and tear, you’ll probably notice that they don’t effectively block out street and neighborhood noise. Replacing your doors can help you keep a more peaceful, quiet atmosphere at home.

There is frame damage.

Over time, your patio door frames can take significant damage from the elements. If the frame for your sliding doors has been bent, corroded, or otherwise damage, it is usually best to replace the entire door structure, rather than replace it.

Weather has damaged or broken the glass.

From bad weather to a game of catch gone awry, there are many potential threats to your sliding door glass. Unfortunately, broken glass can be a big hazard at home. Even if your glass doors are still intact, small chips and cracks can become much bigger risks. Any vulnerabilities in your sliding glass doors should be addressed by a professional.

You’ve installed a new swimming pool.

If you’ve just installed a swimming pool at home, then you will want to make sure that your patio doors are safe and secure. Otherwise, there could be an accident waiting to happen with your kids or pets. You might also consider upgrading your new door with a retractable screen door. That way, you can enjoy the summer breeze coming in from outside as you please. When you’re not using the screen door, it will roll back into its secure casing. Therefore, you’ll never have to deal with grimy, dirty screen doors again.

At Crandell Glass & Aluminum, we can help you choose the ideal solution for your patio doors. Whether you want to swap your sliding doors for French doors, add a retractable screen door, or simply upgrade your glass doors with new, energy-efficient options, we can take on your project. Give us a call at (520) 512-5042 to learn what we can do for your home.