Retractable Screen Door FAQs

Screen doors and storm doors are a common feature in Tucson homes. After all, who doesn’t love to let in fresh air after a monsoon storm or on a breezy spring day in the desert? However, screen doors tend to wear out with prolonged exposure to the elements. They are also prone to ripping, bending, and other types of damage. Retractable screen doors offer a durable solution because they are only exposed to the elements when the screen door is needed. Otherwise, the screen is safely protected in secure, durable housing. It’s virtually invisible until you want to let a little fresh air in.

Crandell Glass & Aluminum can install and repair retractable screen doors in Tucson homes. Continue reading for a look at some common questions we hear about these unique patio door screens.

What is a retractable screen door?

Retractable screen doors offer a simple design with lightweight aluminum housing containing a rolled screen cut to the size of the door frame. A roller track allows easy opening and closure of the screen, and a magnetic latch keeps the door in place. This design offers numerous benefits, including a seamless integration with the door frame. When the screen is not out, the mechanism will simply look like part of the doorway.

How do you install a retractable screen door?

Just like traditional screen doors, DIY installation can yield less than ideal results. By calling Crandell Glass & Aluminum, you can expect the process to be completed in a single visit from our team.

Sliding patio door with retractable screen door

Where can you install a retractable screen door?

Because of their customizable design, retractable screen doors offer even more flexibility than storm doors. You can install a retractable screen in front of French double doors, a single entryway door, or sliding glass patio doors.

What’s the best brand of retractable screen doors?

You may be surprised at the wide variety of retractable screen doors available. Naturally, you might also wonder what’s the best brand of retractable screens? At Crandell Glass, we carry PrimAire Retractable Screen Doors. PrimAire manufactures their aluminum parts in the United States and uses an attractive, durable powder coat finish to ensure the best quality for their doors. In addition, they use UV protected, injection molded plastics for a smooth, functional door that lasts.

How do you measure for a screen door?

Your retractable screen door will fit snugly in the door frame, so you should measure the interior edge of your doorway. PrimAire Retractable Screen Doors are available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate almost any home.

How do you fix retractable screen doors?

One question we answer a lot is “What if someone runs into the retractable screen?”. Fortunately, retractable screen doors account for clumsy pets and humans in their design. With a magnetic closure, the door will simply pop open and slide back into its frame when struck. Quick release latches also allow the screen to come away from the track and easily pop back into place. In addition, the screen itself is easy to replace with no proprietary parts. So, if after lots of use your screen does have a rip or tear, you don’t need a brand-new screen door. You can just replace the screen instead. Of course, Crandell Glass & Aluminum is happy to provide repairs as needed if you aren’t the DIY type.


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