SlideRight Doors

More about the SlideRight patio door closer and latch system:
● Pool code safety device for your sliding glass patio door
● Includes a self-closing mechanism and latch
● Meets or exceeds ALL local and Arizona pool code safety requirements

Full Servicing With Installation

Before we install a SlideRight mechanism on a sliding patio door, we must ensure the door will be able to function properly with the mechanism installed. As older doors often have worn out rollers and tracks, replacement and servicing of these components is standard as part of our installation. This way, all of the parts of your door will function together to make sure the SlideRight Mechanism works as intended.

Safety First

Our installation of SlideRight patio door closers meet or exceed all local and AZ state safety requirements for pool code. We don’t sell parts; any servicing or installation is handled by our trained technicians. As it is above all else a safety device, proper door maintence and cleaning will help ensure continued operation.