Advantages  of  Automatic Doors

Auto Doors are a contactless solution that stop the spread of germs and bacteria, an unavoidable topic in this day and age.


Disabled Access

The Disability and Discrimination Act, 2004 set out requirements for service providers to make “Reasonable adjustments” to their buildings to ensure disabled people can access. 


As well as providing access for people with disabilities, Automatic Doors also provide easy access for the elderly, people with pushchairs and children, people using shopping trolleys and many others who have their hands full on the go.

Energy Saving

Automatic Doors shut themselves when not in use, which prevents people leaving open doors, reducing waste and lessening the cost of temperature control.

Maintain and Repair, Don’t Replace!

Automatic Doors can be maintained and serviced for a low cost. At Crandell Glass, they champion a repair, not replace, mentality and utilise their many years of experience and expertise to deliver the very best value for their customers.