Your Guide to Residential Glass Replacement

A broken window or damaged glass door can be stressful. But don't worry! This guide simplifies the residential glass replacement process for your Tucson home.

Safety first! Secure the area and avoid touching broken shards. Measure the glass pane (width & height). Take photos to document the damage.

What Type of Glass Do You Need? Single-pane glass (Most common, affordable) Double-pane glass (Energy-efficient, reduces noise) Tempered glass (Shatters safely, ideal for doors) Laminated glass (Extra strength, security)

The most economical choice for standard windows. Consider upgrading to double-pane for added benefits.

Double-pane glass provides insulation and noise control, perfect for bedrooms and living areas. May cost slightly more than single-pane.

Research local glass replacement companies in Tucson. Read reviews, compare prices, and ask about warranties.

A technician will measure the opening and order the glass. Once received, they'll remove the broken pane and install the new one, ensuring a proper seal.

Keep children and pets away from the replacement area during installation. Inspect the new glass for any cracks or imperfections.

With a sparkling new glass pane, your home is secure and beautiful again! Feel free to contact Crandell Glass & Aluminum, LLC for a free quote on your residential glass replacement needs.