What You Should Know About Shower Enclosure Replacement

If your bathroom is feeling a little dated, a shower enclosure replacement can bring new life and function to the space. Whether as a standalone project or part of a complete bathroom remodel, this popular home renovation can add value to your home. In addition, it will simply make your bathroom more pleasant to use every day. As you start planning the details of your new shower enclosure, there is a lot to think about. For example, how do you want to enter the shower? Do you prefer a curtain enclosure or a glass shower door? Continue reading for a closer look at what you should know before replacing your shower enclosure.

Shower Enclosure Replacement Options

Shower designs can range from simple and modest to over-the-top-luxurious. If you want the easiest possible renovation for your shower, a prefabricated shower stall will be ideal. Otherwise, you’ll want to opt for a custom shower enclosure.

  • Prefabricated – In many bathrooms, showers are built in standard sizes and outfitted with prefabricated enclosures. These fiberglass structures come ready to install, and they are typically seen in white. However, custom shades are available. Prefabricated shower stalls may have a bathtub or shower pan at the bottom, and they may be enclosed by a curtain or framed shower doors.
  • Custom – Custom shower enclosures offer a much wider array of options. Many homeowners will choose tile as the primary material for the shower walls. Curtains, framed doors, and frameless shower doors may all be appropriate for custom enclosures. Unlike prefabricated showers, custom shower stalls are typically not fit for DIY installation.

Shower enclosure replacement finished project

Benefits of Custom Shower Enclosure Replacement

Unless you are renovating a rental unit or guest bathroom, a custom shower enclosure replacement is typically worth the added time and cost. The benefits of a custom project are numerous. First, you can construct your shower to be any size—you won’t be limited by the selection of prefabricated units available. In addition, you can create an eco-friendly design with a greater choice of the materials you include in the space.

You’ll also find that the longevity of a custom shower is greater because repairs are more practical. For example, you may only need to replace a single tile rather than a whole shower wall. And, while there is a higher cost involved with a custom shower, the resale value of your home will be much more positively impacted by this type of renovation.

Planning for Your Shower Renovations

If you are planning to renovate your shower, you will need to coordinate a few different professionals. You’ll also want to consider whether any other renovations will be part of the project. For example, do you need new flooring or a new vanity in your space?

Of course, a plumber will be essential for completing the pipe work and fixtures in the shower. You’ll also need a general contractor to assist with the tilework and physical structure. If you are planning to create a frameless shower enclosure, you’ll also want to work with a trusted glass company to fabricate and install your new door. Frameless shower doors feature a specialized design and improperly hanging one could lead to disaster. Crandell Glass & Aluminum has extensive experience installing frameless and semi-frameless shower enclosures in Tucson homes.

To connect with Crandell Glass & Aluminum and discuss your shower renovation project, call us at (520) 512-5042. From shower doors to custom mirrors to glass railing, we can do anything with residential glass and mirrors. We are happy to partner with other contractors involved in your bathroom remodel to deliver the results you want.