Glass Window Installer in Tucson, AZ

You might not think about your home windows often, but your windows play an important role in your home's comfort and security. Moreover, from your front windows to your shower door, glass is essential in your household. If the time has come to replace any of the glass windows or doors in your home, it’s always a good idea to call a professional. Not only will a reputable residential glass company have high-quality windows and doors, but they will also provide top notch installation and customer service. When you’re ready to replace the glass windows and doors in your Tucson home, call Crandell Glass & Aluminum!

home window replacement

Tucson Window Replacement and Window Installation Services

When you need home window repair, replacement, or installation services, it will be more convenient if you can find a company that can handle everything from start to finish. At Crandell Glass & Aluminum, we provide both installation and repair services throughout your home. We can do measurements on-site, fabricate the glass to meet your needs, and we also deliver. In other words, we handle the entire process for maximum quality assurance. When you work with our team, you’ll always be in good hands!

Another priority here at Crandell Glass is helping homeowners to make their home energy efficient. We can help you select Energy Star rated windows to improve your indoor comfort with optimal climate control and sound dampening. In addition, we can ensure the best fit with every window opening in your home, reducing draftiness and heat transfer.

As a full-service glass company, we are ready to meet all of your needs. This is just a sample of what our team can provide for your home:

  • Custom shower doors and enclosures
  • Standard mirrors and one-way mirrors
  • Sliding glass doors
  • All-glass front and back doors
  • Glass tabletops and shelves
  • Glass handrails
  • Home window replacement
  • New window installation
  • Glass panel systems
home window replacement

There are numerous reasons why you may want to replace the current glass windows in your home. If your windows or sliding glass doors are older, replacing them with energy-efficient models can provide you with energy savings. This is a great idea if you want to keep your utility bills low. You can get your windows professionally installed and replaced through Crandell Glass. We specialize in replacement and installation of all types of windows, from pane windows to double hung windows to casement windows to custom designs.

You may also want to replace any glass products that are chipped or cracked, such as your bathroom mirror. Replacing your current shower enclosure with a custom one can be a terrific way to revitalize your bathroom. Additionally, adding handrails in strategic places can help make a home safer.

Types of Window Damage We Repair

Glass windows can crack or break. You will need a professional home window repair company in Tucson, AZ, that can help with window repairs and replacement. Crandell Glass is the answer to your worries.

The types of window damage that we can repair are:

  • Leaky window panes. Water infiltration into the house through leaky window panes can damage the walls and can increase the chance of mold or mildew growth. Leaky windows can damage the walls, flooring, or furnishings of the house.
  • Windows that are difficult to open or close. Stuck windows that are difficult to open or close are a nuisance. It is time consuming and tiresome to deal with such tight windows. Windows that do not close properly can cause energy loss. Improperly closed windows can result in high energy bills and also make the home vulnerable to break-ins.
  • Chipped or cracked glass. Chipped or cracked glass windows are dangerous and need to be replaced or repaired immediately.


Are you in need of home window replacement in Tucson, AZ? You can count on the experts at Crandell Glass & Aluminum. Our team has a collective 80 years of experience, so we’re fully prepared to provide you with the best service. We also offer free estimates for most of our services, including glass repair and replacement. Our motto is: “If it’s glass, we can do it!” Would you like to learn more about our full-service glass company? Give us a call at (520) 512-5042 with your questions!