Your Ultimate Guide to Decorative Mirrors

Regardless of the specific design aesthetics featured in a given home, one decorative element is likely to appear: Mirrors. The first place you might think of mirrors being featured in the home is the bathroom. However, decorative mirrors can enhance almost any room, and the design potential is virtually limitless. Working with Crandell Glass & Aluminum in Tucson, you can design a mirror of any shape or size with custom etching, tinting, and other elements to make your mirror a true reflection of your style. If you are not sure how to incorporate mirrors into your home design, continue reading.

Decorative mirrors can be cut to any shape or size.

Decorative mirror hanging above mantle

Whether you live in a large home with an open floorplan or a small, compartmentalized apartment or townhome, mirrors are easy to fit into your décor. That is because they are available in almost any shape or size you can imagine. In addition, decorative mirrors may be outlined with frames ranging from simple and modern to ornate and luxurious. So, your mirror may not just be a functional element of the room. Instead, it might become the statement piece in your modern living room or master bathroom.

Mirrors enhance the natural light in a room.

One reason homeowners and designers love decorating with mirrors is because of how they interact with natural and artificial light. A well-placed mirror can reflect sources of natural light in a room that might otherwise be drab and dim throughout the day. Placing a medium to large mirror on a wall perpendicular to a window, for example, can give you a beautiful burst of natural light without being too harsh. In addition, you can plan your lighting scheme to interact with your mirror for a dramatic effect at night as well.

Large mirrors are ideal for master bedrooms, living rooms, and large spaces.

If you want to go big with an oversized custom mirror, it will work best in a room that already has an abundance of open space. For example, a large living room is well framed by a pair of narrow floor-to ceiling mirrors. Alternatively, a mantle-width mirror is a beautiful feature to enhance the visual interest of your space. If your bedroom features a modern, minimalist look, then consider a large frameless mirror on a bare wall. A small gilded mirror amongst photos and artwork hung in a gallery style layout can complement more traditional bedroom décor. Finally, mirrored sliding closet doors are a timeless bedroom feature that can offer both form and function. 

Mirrors can open up small spaces too.

Decorative mirror in small living room

Mirrors aren’t just for big spaces. In fact, decorative mirrors are a popular addition to apartments and small homes, because they add the illusion of openness. However, you’ll want to avoid floor-to-ceiling mirrors, as they can dominate the space. Instead, try choosing a variety of smaller framed mirrors. You might also think about a frameless mirrored backsplash for a small kitchen that doesn’t get much natural light. Galley kitchen layouts are ideal for this stunning design.

Custom cut mirrors can add dimension to your space.

One of the best things about decorative mirrors is that they don’t have to be in a specific shape or cut. So, you can create intricate designs with mosaics, raised mirrored edges, and beveling. Adding new dimension to your mirror creates more visual intrigue for your overall space. Even placing a regular mirror at an angle—for example, a large mirror leaning against the wall in the entry way—can create a unique and distinctive statement with an otherwise standard decorative piece.

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