Exploring the Benefits of Replacement Windows

When was the last time you’ve shopped for residential windows? If it has been a decade or more, you could be missing out on the some significant benefits. Replacing your windows is easier and more affordable than you may think. Furthermore, doing so comes with a long list of advantages in terms of cost-savings and livability. If you have been considering investing in replacement windows but haven’t taken the plunge yet, here are some of the benefits that you are missing out on.

Lower Energy Bills

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Your windows are one of the most important factors in the energy efficiency of your home. Modern residential windows include many advances that significantly improve energy efficiency over windows of years past. If you have single-pane windows, then upgrading them to double- or triple-pane windows will reduce the amount of air flowing in and out of your home. Subsequently, you’ll boost your energy efficiency. However, you can also get windows that are low-emissivity, or low-e. Low-e windows contain a coating of metallic oxides that are so small that they can’t be seen. Even still, they help to reduce energy loss from your home and prevent cold air from coming inside. These features make it easier for your heating and cooling system to maintain your desired interior temperature, allowing your system to work less, thus lowering your energy costs.

Improved UV Protection

Bedroom with couch, dresser, and replacement windows

With older windows, you must choose between enjoying natural light and using shades to control the amount of sunlight that comes into your home. Modern windows are available with integrated UV protection. So, you can allow natural light to stream into your home while your windows filter out the dangerous UV rays. These rays are the ones that fade your furniture, walls, and flooring. These rays are also dangerous to your skin even when you are exposed to them while inside your home. Therefore, UV protection from your windows makes your home a healthier place for your family to be.

Less Outdoor Sound Inside

Having a lively neighborhood of kids playing outside is great, expect maybe when you’re trying to watch television or enjoy a quiet dinner. Noisy neighbors, street traffic, and barking dogs all come with being part of a community. However, that doesn’t make them any less distracting in your home. If you have older windows, there is a good chance that noise from outside is constantly in the background. Modern windows with multiple panes do a great job of filtering out this type of noise. You may not even realize just how much noise was entering your home from the outside until you get your new replacement windows and soak up the silence. Your new windows may help with everything from more enjoyment when you’re watching your favorite show to a better night of sleep. As an added benefit, the same window features that make your home quieter also make it safer. The stronger, multi-pane design of modern windows makes them much more difficult to break.

Increased Curb Appeal

New windows are more than just replacement glass. They feature different shapes, sizes, colors, and frames that can become important parts of your home’s exterior aesthetic. New windows will make your home more interesting to look at and will instantly boost your curb appeal. If you’re planning to sell your home any time soon, this addition will help your home stand out to buyers. Buyers also appreciate new, modern windows that are both visually appealing and energy efficient, adding another competitive advantage for your home.

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