Signs You Should Replace Your Residential Windows

Residential Windows

Residential window replacement is not something that homeowners have to undertake often. So, they are often unsure when the right time is to consider new residential windows. Delaying window replacement can leave your home vulnerable to damage, decrease your energy efficiency, and make your home less comfortable than it could be. Therefore, it pays to act quickly when your windows are overdue for attention. In some cases, you will know instantly when you need new residential windows, such as when you have a broken pane or damage to the glass. However, in other cases, the signs are subtler. Here are some of the less obvious signs that your need replacement windows.

You see condensation between your windowpanes.

Like most parts of your home, moisture is no friend to your windows. If you see a layer of condensation that looks like it is between the panes of your windows, then the seal is no longer intact. This kind of moisture intrusion can not only cause issues for your windows, but it can also allow excess moisture to come into your home. Subsequently, you might notice musty smells, mildew, and uncomfortable dampness. Note that obvious water droplets associated with condensation are common when this happens, but in some cases, you may simply notice that your windows look like they have a film on them.

You can hear lots of street noise.

Do you hear every neighborhood kid who goes outside to bounce a ball? Can you identify the sound of your neighbors coming and going by the sound of their engines? Do you hear the details of every conversation going on out at your neighbor’s cookout? If so, the problem isn’t likely to be that your neighbors are too loud—the problem is more likely to be your windows.

If you’re hearing an enormous amount of sound transfer inside your home, your windows are not going a good job of keeping sound out. Chances are that they are old and don’t feature the noise cancellation benefits of more modern windows. Replacing your windows could be the key to getting the peace and quiet you crave.

You can feel a draft near your windows.

Windows are designed to keep the outdoors outside. As such, you shouldn’t feel the wind blowing or see your curtains fluttering in the breeze. If you do, your windows are likely to blame. Old windows that are not as effective as new ones at keeping air out of your home.

When you feel this kind of draft, it’s also a sign that you’re losing out on an important benefit of new residential windows—energy efficiency. New windows can dramatically improve energy efficiency in your home.  They do this by preventing air from outside from coming in and indoor air from flowing out. This means that your HVAC doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain your desired indoor temperature, a change that you are likely to see reflected in your energy bills.

Your windows don’t move easily.

Your windows should move up and down smoothly and easily. As they get older, you may notice that they no longer glide like they used to. If you are fighting your windows when you want to open them and struggling to keep them on track when you close them, it’s time for window replacement.

This kind of problem with window operation is more than an annoyance. It is usually a sign that there is a problem with your frame and may mean that you’re at risk for leaks. Replacing them will fix the issue.

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