Your Guide to Custom Shower Enclosure Design

There is nothing quite like a hot, relaxing shower to unwind at the end of the day or start the morning off right. However, you may be unsatisfied with the prefabricated shower that’s currently in your master bathroom. If you’re like many Tucson homeowners, you might opt to design a custom shower enclosure instead. This approach offers many advantages, including added value in your home as well as a luxurious appeal that you simply cannot achieve with a generic shower stall. Custom shower enclosure in minimalist modern bathroom

If you’re not sure how to design a custom shower enclosure—or where to even start—continue reading for some helpful tips.

Hire Quality Contractors

Any bathroom remodel project will require the work of several different contractors. Custom shower enclosures are no exception. You will need to hire a plumber along with a general contractor or bathroom remodel specialist. If your shower enclosure will include a custom glass shower door, Crandell Glass & Aluminum can bring years of expertise to your shower design team.

Consider Your Plumbing Needs

One of the biggest considerations for custom shower designs is your plumbing. You will need to install drain piping and shower heads, but you have several options for these fixtures. Standard shower drainpipes are 2-inch pipes. However, if you think that you might eventually remodel your bathroom space in the future and want to retain flexibility, you may choose a wider drainpipe.

Additionally, you must determine where to add shower heads in the enclosure so that pipes may be installed in the walls. Multiple showerheads and overhead showerheads can add extra steps to your plumbing work and your shower design plan. For example, installing an overhead showerhead means that the ceiling must be tiled or otherwise enclosed to protect it from potential water damage. Alternatively, multiple showerheads will require running plumbing along two separate walls within the shower enclosure.

Think About Your Custom Shower Enclosure Materials

Once you have settled on the plumbing layout of your custom shower design, you can move on to the materials and aesthetic planning. First, you’ll want to think about the shower pan. You might choose a manufactured shower pan in a standard size, if your shower design conforms to traditional shower stall space and sizing. Otherwise, you’ll need to have a custom-built concrete shower pan fitted to the space.

Wall material is what will truly set your shower apart. When you are thinking about how to design a custom shower enclosure, the wall material may be the first element you picture. You might envision the luxurious appeal of natural stone or the modern look of glass tiles. Alternatively, you can opt for an acrylic or fiberglass enclosure, which can simplify installation and maintenance. With tiling, you must first install a moisture barrier between the drywall and the tiling. Furthermore, you will have to grout the tile and invest much more time in cleaning and maintenance. Prefabricated enclosures eliminate these steps.

Finally, you’ll want to select the right door to complete your shower stall. Selecting a glass door rather than a simple curtain creates a more sophisticated and timeless look. It also reduces the potential for mold and mildew growth in the shower stall. Frameless and semi-frameless glass shower enclosures and doors can be frosted or clear, depending on your preferences. They can also be fit to any size.

Add Personal Details

The finishing touches in your shower can make a huge difference. So, think about any elements that might add to your enjoyment of the space. Shower seats, railing, track lighting, and built-in storage features are all personal details to consider in your design.Bathroom renovation with custom frameless shower enclosure

Crandell Glass & Aluminum can help you design your dream shower in Tucson. Our glass shower enclosures and doors are custom built to your specifications, and we are happy to work with other contractors to make your vision a reality. Call us to discuss your frameless shower enclosure or other custom renovation project at (520) 512-5042.