Frameless Shower Door Installation

Modern bathroom design - frameless shower doorWhen you are planning a bathroom remodel, your shower may become the centerpiece of the room. Whether you choose Corian, ceramic tiles, or elegant natural stones as the backdrop for your shower, you might want to show them off by installing a frameless shower door for a more modern aesthetic. Frameless shower doors have become much more popular among homeowners in recent years. That’s with good reason. These doors can create a more seamless design flowing from the shower to the rest of the bathroom. Additionally, they are custom crafted, so they create the exact look you want in your new shower.

While there are many perks that come with frameless doors, there are some potential drawbacks too. Read on to discover if frameless shower doors will be right for your project.

Why homeowners love frameless shower doors

Many homeowners flock to frameless or semi-frameless shower doors, because they are usually custom elements of the bathroom. Most frameless and semi frameless doors must be made to the exact specifications of a bathroom. So, measuring and installation will be two critical factors in the door’s future performance.

Tile shower interior- frameless shower doors tucson

Frameless doors also have more modern aesthetic than traditional framed shower doors. They don’t have the bulky look of added metal and rubber sealing. Furthermore, they must be crafted from thicker panes of glass, so they have a sharper, cleaner final look.

What to consider with frameless shower door installation

  • Aesthetics – The design potential of frameless shower doors is nearly endless. These doors can be crafted from glass that’s 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch, or ½ inch in thickness. You may also select crystal clear glass, decorative glass, or frosted glass, depending on the design aesthetic you want to achieve. Therefore, you can truly customize the door to fit your vision without the bulkiness of a traditional shower door.
  • Cost – Perhaps the most significant drawback of frameless shower enclosures for homeowners is the cost. Due to their custom nature, frameless shower doors do run a higher price tag than other types. However, a properly installed frameless or semi-frameless door can last for many years to come. Additionally, it will not start to feel outdated thanks to its modern design appeal.
  • Function – Another important consideration for frameless shower doors is the weight of the door itself. Because these doors do use thicker glass, they need the right hardware and mounting to stay in place. Any errors in measurements or installation can cause problems with the door that may lead to shattering. However, working with a reputable glass company mitigates this already very small risk.
  • Performance – Because frameless and semi-frameless shower doors do not have a full edge of metal, rubber, or other materials, they do maintain a gap between the door and the floor of the shower. This can present leaks if the shower head is placed poorly, aiming water at the door itself. Conversely, the door design is less prone to pooling water, so it actually makes the shower more resistant to mold and mildew.

How Crandell Glass & Aluminum can help you bring your project together

Because there are potential drawbacks with frameless shower door installation, it’s important to work with a trusted glass installer to keep your shower functional and beautiful for years to come. We will oversee your project from initial measurements to fabrication to installation, so that there are no surprises with your shower renovation. Furthermore, we love working on custom projects, and we are happy to work alongside other contractors on your bathroom remodel.

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