Your Ultimate Guide to Replacement Windows

You probably know that replacing your windows can have a profound impact on energy use in your home, as well as additional benefits like noise reduction and improved natural lighting indoors. However, it can be overwhelming to start researching window replacement. There are many types of energy ratings to consider as well as a huge variety of window types you can purchase.

One of the biggest considerations you need to make is which windows are right for the climate you live in. In Tucson, that means shopping for windows that are designed for hot climates. These types of windows will keep the heat out and filter out more UV rays to combat the nearly constant sunshine of the region. To get a better idea of what you need to look for in your upcoming window replacement, read on and then call Crandell Glass & Aluminum to start planning your project.

Old Windows - Window Replacement Tucson

Why You Should Consider Window Replacement

Replacing your windows can eventually pay off with savings on your energy bills, although it can take many years to recoup what you spend on window replacement. However, in the meantime, you will get to enjoy much more comfort at home. That’s thanks to improved noise reduction, better sealing, and reduced heat transfer. If you currently have extremely old windows, then you’ll also enjoy the smooth gliding motion of a brand-new window.

Window Frames

When you are shopping for replacement windows, you will see window frames in a variety of materials. Wood, vinyl, fiberglass, and composite windows are the ones you are most likely to encounter. In testing by Consumer Reports, no single type of window frame offers a better performance than others. Instead, consumers will find high-performing options in every price range and material type. However, there are some aesthetic differences to consider. For example, wood frames provide the most flexibility in matching the frame to your home’s décor. Vinyl frames, on the other hand, are only available in white. Yet they are the most cost-effective.

Window Types

The type of glass configuration and glass treatment is more likely to affect the performance and energy rating of your windows than the frame materials. Double-hung and single-hung windows tend to be the most popular. These windows feature sashes that slide up and down to allow air to flow through. Double-hung windows can provide optimal ventilation, but they tend to be more expensive than single-hung options.

Replacement windows in kitchen

Outside of double-hung and single-hung windows, you have a few other options. Awning style windows are hinged at the top and open outward. Typically, awning style windows are smaller and ideal for ventilation in areas like bathrooms and kitchens. With these windows, the sash presses right against the frame, so they close very tightly. This can be important when you are running the AC in the hot days of summer.

Casement style windows may be your preference if you are trying to preserve views but still want openable windows that seal tightly when closed. These windows are hinged on one side and feature a hand crank to swing the window outward. They are typically more airtight than hung windows.

Desirable Features

When shopping for windows, you may see double-glazed and triple-glazed options. Double glazing is standard, and it means that there are two pieces of glass with a sealed pocket filled with air or argon gas. Because gas serves as a better insulator than glass alone, this is a feature you will want to look for. Triple glazing, however, only provides significant returns in extremely cold climates, so it is not generally recommended in hotter climates unless outside noise is a concern. Triple-glazed windows do provide optimal noise reduction.

Another feature to look for in Arizona is Low-E coating, which is applied to the outside of the glass to reflect the sun’s heat. As a result, your windows will help keep the home much cooler. Finally, you should check window specs for a whole-window U-value of .30 or less. This indicates that the window will be effective at preventing heat transfer.

Tucson Window Replacement Rebates

Federal rebates for energy-efficient window replacement ended in 2016. However, there are still some rebate options that Tucson residents can take advantage of. Southwest Gas currently offers window rebates for homeowners who use natural gas to heat their homes. Windows must be ENERGY STAR® qualified for the home’s climate region. The rebate is $1.00/Sq. Ft. up to 75% of equipment cost.

To learn more about replacement windows in Tucson, call Crandell Glass & Aluminum today at (520) 512-5042. We install and repair residential windows throughout Tucson and the surrounding communities.