What to Do About Skylight Leaking

Skylights are a desirable feature in Southern Arizona homes, which often feature tall, vaulted ceilings. High ceilings like these are perfect for letting natural light spill into any room through a frosted or clear skylight. Unfortunately, there is a potential drawback with skylight installation: Skylight leaking. A leaking skylight can be particularly damaging to your home during rainstorms, when water may enter through a failing seal or through the glass itself. If you discover that you have skylight leaking during monsoon season, it is especially important to seek repairs. Otherwise, large amounts of water can get into your home, causing costly damages on the way.

Here we will take a look at the steps you should take to address skylight leaking. With a call to our professional residential glass experts, you can easily schedule the expert repairs you need.

Residential skylight

Do your research when installing a skylight.

Often, skylight leaking is the result of poor initial installation. Therefore, you should thoroughly vet your residential window company before adding a skylight to your home. Working with professionals experienced in skylight installation will ensure that it is properly mounted, flashed and sealed, so problems are less likely to arise later. Additionally, you should call your window installer if you are scheduling roof repairs. Altering the structure of the roof can compromise the security of your skylight, causing leaks to develop after construction.

Consider the age of your skylight.

If you have noticed skylight leaking shortly after a skylight installation, then your repairs should be covered by warranty. Most skylight installations will carry a warranty of about 10-20 years. When you are scheduling a warranty repair, call the company that initially installed the unit. Scheduling unauthorized repairs from another company or attempting DIY repairs could void your warranty. If the skylight is older, it may need new sealing. You will also likely notice leaking primarily from the bottom corners of the skylight.

Investigate your insurance coverage.

In some cases, the cause of your leaky skylight will be obvious. If there has been severe weather that has knocked tree branches onto your roof, for example, this may cause immediate damage to your skylight. If this has happened, then your repairs may be covered by insurance. This will also be true for any related water damage that has occurred due to the damaged skylight structure.

Bathroom skylight

Leave skylight repairs to the professionals.

One thing is universally true with skylight repairs: They require access to the roof. For most homeowners, accessing the roof of the house is not worth the risk, since falls from that height can occur easily and cause serious injuries. Instead of risking it, call a professional. This can save you many headaches, because there are a few different problems that could be causing water to pool under your skylight.

  • Cracked Glass – In older skylight windows especially, cracks in the glass may actually be the source of the leak. In those cases, you should replace the skylight with a newer, more energy-efficient model.
  • Poor Seal – If your skylight was not properly installed or it is more than 20 years old, it likely does not have a solid seal keeping water from leaking in. This is the most common cause of skylight leaking.
  • Related Issues – Sometimes, skylight leaking isn’t caused directly by the skylight. Incorrectly installed roof flashing is a common culprit. Another potential issue is condensation on the inside of the glass. This may be remedied with better humidity control through your HVAC system or with exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom.


Because there are so many potential causes for skylight leaking, you shouldn’t chance it with your repairs. Crandell Glass & Aluminum has extensive experience in custom residential glass projects, so we can identify the exact source of the problem and offer a suitable solution. Call us today in Tucson at (520) 512-5042.