How New Windows Can Fit into Your Kitchen Remodel

If you’re planning a bathroom remodel, Crandell Glass & Aluminum may be on your list of necessary contractors thanks to our frameless shower door installation. However, we can also be a part of an upcoming kitchen remodel by installing new windows in your home. Windows may not be the first thing that comes to mind when planning a kitchen remodel. Yet you’ll find that updating your windows along with your cabinets and floors will maximize your ability to customize the space. Plus, you’ll enjoy future benefits with added value to your home as well as potential energy savings. Alternatively, we are happy to help you select the right windows for a home addition and other remodeling projects.

Kitchen windows add a layer of natural lighting to the space.

An important part of your kitchen design is lighting. Without proper lighting, your kitchen might feel cramped and dull. In addition, bad lighting can limit your culinary capabilities—without the right task lighting, you might have more difficulty preparing foods. Ideally, your kitchen will have many layers of light to cater to the different functions of the space. During the day, the natural light that spills into your kitchen will be important for the final look of the room. Custom windows, such as a large bay window, can make your kitchen feel larger while giving you all the natural light you need for a bright and open space.

Installing a skylight during your kitchen remodel can further brighten the room.

If you need even more light in the kitchen and you don’t have a second story overhead, a skylight can be the perfect addition. When installing a skylight, you’ll always want to defer to the expertise of an established contractor, such as Crandell Glass & Aluminum. Skylights can be a beautiful addition to any kitchen, but they are also prone to issues like leaking. Often, these problems stem from errors during installation.

White windows after kitchen remodel

Windows can highlight focal points in the kitchen.

Whether you are simply replacing existing windows or adding entirely new windows to your kitchen, you should incorporate them into your overall design. Windows often work well to frame different features. For example, windows may accent a stainless-steel vent hood or hanging rack for pots and pans. If you are planning to install a commercial grade or designer range hood, framing it against an anchor wall with a window can create great visual harmony for your kitchen. Alternatively, your windows themselves may be a focal point. For example, you might opt for the dramatic look of steel windows. While steel windows are often still fabricated with aluminum, they maintain the industrial look of steel that’s a popular aesthetic for modern kitchens.

Another way you might use your windows as part of your kitchen design is by building over-window shelving. These shelves may house decorative plates, plants, serving ware, or other cherished items.

New windows in your kitchen remodel can boost the efficiency of your home.

Modern windows are made with energy-efficiency in mind. Whether you select prefabricated windows or custom ones, you can expect that you’ll see a better performance from your new windows in terms of reducing drafts, limiting heat transfer, and keeping out UV rays. However, for optimal energy saving benefits, you should replace all windows in your home either during or soon after your kitchen remodel.

Finishing accessories for your windows can complete the look.

Once you’ve installed new windows in your kitchen, you can complete the look with some distinctive finishing touches. Window treatments in the kitchen should be selected with durability in mind, but you can still have some fun with colors and textures. In addition, you might layer lighter fabrics over windows that aren’t directly in the splash zone of cooking areas. For example, sheer fabrics can be a perfect accent for windows in a dining nook.

You might also consider more permanent details surrounding your windows, such as backsplashes and window trim. Subway tiles are a great complement to white-framed windows over the kitchen sink or along an accent wall.

If you want to explore your options for windows and doors to complete your kitchen remodel, call Crandell Glass & Aluminum at (520) 512-5042. In addition to windows, we work on a wide range of projects in custom residential glass and mirrors. Contact our team to collaborate on your upcoming home renovation project in Tucson or the surrounding areas.