4 Ways to Incorporate Residential Glass and Mirrors into Your Interior Design

If you’ve traditionally thought of glass only as being a functional part of your home, think again. Residential glass and mirrors can have a dramatic impact on your décor and breathe new life into your space. There are countless ways to incorporate residential glass into your interior design that will improve the appearance of your home and boost your style. How can you put residential glass and mirrors to work for you? Here are some ideas to inspire your home décor.

Stylize a Small Space with an Architectural Glass Frame

Glass can help to make a small space feel bigger, thanks to reflected light, but some of the bigger glass features that are popular in homes will overwhelm small spaces. If you have a small room in which you want to incorporate glass, consider an architectural glass frame.

An architectural glass frame combines iron or other metals with glass to create a shape—think of a glass archway, for instance. This kind of design delivers a major style impact without taking up a lot of space. You get to take advantage of the benefits of glass to make the space feel airy and light while keeping your floor and wall space. These frames can be designed in virtually any way, so talk to a residential glass company about what may work for you.

Embrace the Old and the New with Colored Plexiglass

If you’re lucky enough to have an older home with lots of vintage character, then you may have interior windows. Once upon a time, these features were installed to improve interior airflow, especially to reduce the risk of tuberculous spreading, but now they’re just a fun character feature.

You can easily bring these period pieces into the here and now with colored plexiglass. Colored plexiglass showcases the color you might associate with stained glass windows, but without the ornate design. Multiple colors are available, so you can select something that matches your home décor seamlessly.

Let Light Shine While Protecting Your Privacy with Fluted and Frosted Glass

residential glass partition in bedroom

Yes, you can use glass to encase rooms that call for privacy, thanks to fluted and frosted glass. Fluted glass has textured grooves across the surface, which not only adds to the impact of the glass but that also partially hides what is on the other side. With fluted glass, views aren’t completely obstructed, but they are sufficiently obscured to give you privacy in a home office or other spaces in which seeing a hint of what’s inside—but not the entire space—is acceptable.

Frosted glass turns this kind of privacy up a notch. This kind of glass is covered with a frosted film, so what’s on the other side is virtually completely obstructed. You still get the benefit of light coming through the glass without giving up the need for personal space. Frosted glass looks beautiful and be used in many ways, including to separate a room into two spaces with different uses.

Add Space with Carefully Placed Mirrors

Does it feel like the walls of your small room are closing in on you? Add some mirrors and watch that space expand. Mirrors are perfect for making a small space feel roomier and brighter. You can use them in many different ways, depending on the shape of your space and the look you want to achieve.

Placing mirrors across from each other is a good way to bounce light around a room. A tall, thin mirror will draw the eyes upward, making a low ceiling feel taller. A single, large floor mirror that reflects the room makes it look much more spacious. Experiment with different configurations to achieve the results you want.

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