Your Guide to Custom Shower Enclosure Design

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There is nothing quite like a hot, relaxing shower to unwind at the end of the day or start the morning off right. However, you may be unsatisfied with the prefabricated shower that’s currently in your master bathroom. If you’re like many Tucson homeowners, you might opt to design a custom shower enclosure instead. This […]

What to Do About Skylight Leaking

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Skylights are a desirable feature in Southern Arizona homes, which often feature tall, vaulted ceilings. High ceilings like these are perfect for letting natural light spill into any room through a frosted or clear skylight. Unfortunately, there is a potential drawback with skylight installation: Skylight leaking. A leaking skylight can be particularly damaging to your […]

When Should You Consider Replacing Your Sliding Glass Doors?

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Many Tucson homes feature sliding glass doors that open up to outdoor patios and expansive desert backyards. While these doors have many perks—including exceptional views of the outdoors from inside your home—they can also become problematic when it’s time for them to be repaired or replaced. If you are struggling with your sliding glass doors, […]

Signs You Should Replace Your Residential Windows

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Residential window replacement is not something that homeowners have to undertake often. So, they are often unsure when the right time is to consider new residential windows. Delaying window replacement can leave your home vulnerable to damage, decrease your energy efficiency, and make your home less comfortable than it could be. Therefore, it pays to […]